Mar 2, 2017

Only North Coast News had complete coverage of Second and A fire tonight, did the rest forget this location had been on fire before?

Complete, unique and accurate coverage of the second and A street fire tonight.

The newcomers in local media, the only decent local, independent mainstream media.

They even interviewed a transient who claimed to be in that building, at the time of the fire, and the alleged target.

Neither KIEM or Mark McKenna, who reported this for Red Headed Blackbelt, mentioned that this location had been on fire before. Even in the RHBB update ( last I checked at 11:22 p.m.) Kym is a stickler for details and she deserves accurate reporting from the field.

KIEM  did  later in their facebook post (after the North Coast News 10 p.m. newscast).

That is the first thought I had when I heard about the fire.

Transients, again. Remember the fire at this location last October?

LOCO was asleep, as usual. After 4ish, they all turn into pumpkins. They barely report these days. They should call themselves the "link to others outpost." I am sure they will print the press release, maybe, tomorrow. That is if they even report on a story days later after the rest of the press. That is how it's been for months now.

You, LOCO defenders, all six of you with multiple comments and several personalities, and the only ones commenting these days can just deal with it and keep your obnoxious comments in your cliquey Toiletdome on LOCO. With at least five paid staff and their exorbitant ad prices, LOCO should do better. But why should they, when they get paid anyway by their advertisers.

Clicks by the same people does not neccesarily equal new revenue or business.

Would LOCO be able to stand on it's own if it were not a part of Lost Coast Communications?

No one evers questions their coverage, advertisers or potential conflicts of interest.

Marlene Mendes Birnie, assistant to Greg Rael wasted no time telling Rhonda Parker, Greg Rael's wife, to check out my comments on LOCO on facebook.

Rhonda is an excellent reporter, I have told her that a few,times, despite my feelings regarding LOCO and that they are lucky to have her. Greg Rael is a past and long time advertiser on this blog. He just recently started advertising on LOCO. A good man and defense attorney. Marlene sure didnt have a problem promoting me before.

I chose not to mention anything about Mr. Rael and Rhonda's personal relationship before out of respect for them;  but if Marlene wants to get nasty and petty towards me without any good reason, she should be able to handle facts.