Mar 3, 2017

Nicholas Leigl trial reset for April 17; motion to join his case with the other 3 suspects on April 4

Jury trial is scheduled for only one of the four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide on March 6.

This morning at 9:45, there was a motion for joindet hearing in Courtroom 5 for Mario Nunez, Joe Olivio Jr. and Joe Olivio III, whose jury trials are scheduled for July 17.

It is trial assignment today for Leigl. His March 6 jury trial was vacated and rescheduled for April 17. People requested a motion to continue. Mr. Michael Acosta, Leigl's attorney submitted on the motion.

Leigl's trial confirmation is on April 4, the motion to consolidate will be heard on that day, if granted, all four will have the jury trial in July.

The defense attorneys have until March 17 to file an opposition to the DA's motion to consolidate. The DA's office has until March 24 to respond.

Jan 12, 2017

Murder, accessory and gang related charges filed for fourth suspect in Jesus Garcia homicide

Nicholas Leigl will be arraigned tomorrow on the following charges:

His case, after the first preliminary hearing was dismissed. The People did a second preliminary hearing and he was held to answer.

Not guilty plea entered this morning. Trial confirmation on February 27. Jury Trial March 6.

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