Mar 6, 2017

Megan's Law California site down

Just tried checking out a potential name for a post.

Still down. Have not heard back from our North Coast state elected officials.


  1. Thanks, Mr. Chiv. Very troubling.

  2. Love this news site!

  3. so now all the sex offenders can just do whatever they want?!!?!?

  4. now i'm really worried?

  5. how about a story on coast central credit unions socalled "customer service" ? I had to call the Employment Development Department and Coast Central because of an incorrect bank levy for a client. First I called the EDD dreading the call because of their known lack of customer service and how long they keep callers on hold. To my surprise they kept me on hold for only 14 minutes. I got their end of the problem cleared up. Then I called Coast Central to get it straightened up at their end. I did not know the department's extension on their automated phone system so I had to punch 0 to connect me with their operator. COAST CENTRAL KEPT ME ON HOLD FOR 22 MINUTES BEFORE I COULD TALK TO A HUMAN !! They are slower than the state government !! They spend tens of thousands of dollars a year advertising their great customer service ? Where is it ?

    1. If you are willing to go on record with your name so I can call them and get their side, and if there is a valid issue, I will do a post. My email is under the contact tab.