Mar 5, 2017

Homicide or not? Anyone else know about a body being discovered yesterday in Mckinleyville on Hammond trail?

A regular reader of my blog from Mckinleyville sent me this:

"My bosses daughter was jogging in Mckinleyville yesterday and found a dead body on Hammond trail kinda by Roger's met. "

Allegedly, this discovery happened yesterday morning. "Apparently the guy had a plastic bag over his head. They had to wait for the sheriff to show up."

Undersheriff William Honsal just told me, "We had what we believe is a suicide in McKinleyville.  Evidence supports it.  But we are still investigating.  Coroners office has the case. "

Undersheriff Honsal confirmed, "He had a sealed plastic bag over his head. "


  1. In a nutshell, yes HCSO was dispatched to the Hammond trail at the end of Fischer Rd. The body of a young man was discovered with a plastic bag over his head. Initially, called in as a rescue, said young man was pronounced deceased in the field. Scanner traffic quieted down substantially after he was pronounced. Will be interesting to hear what the Coroner's report has to say...(Really? Suicide?).
    I, too, was wondering why I haven't seen news reports...

  2. Do we know who this man was? Was he local? There isn't anything out there in the news...

    1. As the post explains, they are investigating as a suicide. I have followed up. Unless it is a homicide, they will not release information to the news media. So unless there is official and new information, there will be no more updates. No one else in the news covered this; because the citizen tip was given to me.

    2. Hi. Did anyone find it who this was that was apparently suicide on March 4th? Thanks.

    3. How do we find out who this was? I believe I may know this man but I would like to confirm.

    4. How do we find out who this was? I believe I may know this man but I would like to confirm.

    5. As mentioned above,there would only be an update if the Coroner released new information to the media. They did not. That means two things, it was not a homicide and the cause of death is confidential. If you are family, you can contact the Coroner's office directly.