Sep 5, 2016

Rape of the unconscious, human trafficking involving minors, lewd acts against a child are nonviolent felonies?

This letter will be in the Times Standard tomorrow.

Another disaster lurking on the ballot

POSTED: Monday, Sept. 5, 2016 - 12:00 a.m.
Rape of the unconscious, human trafficking involving sex acts with minors, domestic violence involving trauma, failing to register as a sex offender, lewd acts against a child are "nonviolent felonies"?
Proposition 57 or the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act, another misleading name like Proposition 47, considers the preceding crimes "nonviolent felonies."
From the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, Los Angeles County:
"Offenders who commit multiple crimes against multiple victims will be eligible for release at the same time as offenders who only committed a single crime against a single victim. Repeat offenders will be eligible for release after the same period of incarceration as first time offenders. Offenders whose sentence was enhanced for especially egregious conduct will be eligible for release at the same time as those who did not engage in the egregious conduct. ... Juvenile offenders who commit violent crimes like murder, rape and carjacking cannot be filed on as adults. They must be filed on in juvenile court."
We have all seen the revolving door of repeat offenders in Humboldt County; Proposition 47's effect by reclassifying certain crimes as misdemeanors. This is what Gov. Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris want to unleash on citizens. The outcry so far has come from deputy DAs, sheriffs, law enforcement and Republican groups.
Who has been silent? Women's groups and Democrats.
John Chiv, Eureka


  1. Glad to see it posted on the TS...the issue needs a wider audience.

  2. The amount of time people spend in Jail and/or Prison has nothing to do with how or when they decide enough is enough...I was a repeat offender myself and have done years in Jail and Prison and just after the last little 6 months I did thats when I decided to turn my life around..So my view is totally different on this than many

  3. Yes, it is good you turned your life but it took you a long time to get there. Your crimes were also of a different nature than those listed above. I am not condoning what your past crimes were but you are a rare success case and I wish you the best. That does not change the facts on Prop 47 or the proposed Prop 57 or the fact that repeat offenders are a big problem, a drain on taxpayers and resources and that lax laws do nothing to deter people.