Sep 25, 2016

HSU students collecting data on HSU homelessness crisis

HSU Homeless Student Alliance Meeting,Friday, September 30, 2016 at 3 p.m.,
Humboldt State University, BSS Building Room 166. Open to Students, Staff, Faculty and advocacy groups interested,

Please come and share your story or get involved with constructing solutions and collecting data for the HSU homelessness issue. The goal is to bring together many groups and collaborators that have been working on / discussing ways to, improve, HSU Homelessness crisis, and bring the stories of our current / past homeless students to the table; in order to dig deep into, why we are in the situation to begin with.

This is a very complex issue that has many aspects that need attention.

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  1. Both years I went to Humboldt I was homeless for the first 6 weeks. The area is by far the hardest place I know of to find a place to live. The property management companies treat you like crap and it is hard to lock down a place. Roomshares are ridiculous too. You must compete with a dozen other eager renters and if you are pushing 30 they tend to choose the students near their age. It wasn't even about the money, I was ready to pay 1000 a month and it still took forever. I had to settle for the Valley West area both years...

    What I don't get is why their hasn't been a response from local businessman to build more rentals. The voters of Humboldt would prefer students living on the streets over a tall apartment building going up in their town. They could build multi-level apartment buildings between arcata and mckinlyville and fix the problem and bring in more revenue for the area!

    If these homeless students are homeless due to financial problems. Then they can quit their whining and suck it up. HSU has plenty of aid and if that isn't enough they can get loans. College requires sacrifice to make it through, find a damned job or get a loan and quit crying. As for not having a house. I rotated 2 days at Clam Beach with 1 day at Motel6. Or they could try the community forest if they are feeling adventurous.