Sep 26, 2016

Rohnerville deceased was Tim Smith, past employee or Brideville Elementary and volunteer for fire department; alleged suspect's name Goldberg

New information only on this blog:

Just got this information. The alleged victim is Tim Smith, who was very active member of the Fortuna Fire Department. He was a past employee, a bus driver, for Bridgeville Elementary School and a past volunteer for Bridgeville Fire Department.

The Fortuna Fire Chief is holding a membership meeting this evening at 6 p.m.

The Red Ford Explorer belongs to Smith's wife. Since it is in the photo above, looks like she may have been home when this happened.

(In a media interview, Fortuna Police Chief Dobberstein confirmed some family members were home and maybe potential witnesses)

This is not officially confirmed but according to a tip, the suspect , whose last name may be Goldberg, broke the door down and shot Smith at point blank range.

(update: press release confirmed the point blank range)

(Photos above from Facebook):

Background information:

After an altercation on Rohnerville Road between a suspect and victim around 12:45ish this afternoon who knew each other; suspect has  curly hair and fled in a white Dodge Caravan. Victim deceased, allegedly due to gun shot wounds.

Bridgeville Elementary School was on lockdown.

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