Sep 22, 2016

Judge Reinholtsen rules in favor of the City of Eureka over Budget Motel owner

Just in...

Judge Dale Reinholtsen ruled in favor of the City of Eureka.

The City will be issuing a press release later today.

For details of City Attorney Cyndi Day-Wilson's argument, please refer to the post below. Clearly, Judge Reinholtsen agreed with the City of Eureka.

Mf. Carlton Floyd said he had no comment.

Here is a Judge Reinholtsen's ruling:

File still with the Judge. I had already put in a request for the file yesterday. Will have other document details as soon as I can get the copies, if there are other details not covered in earlier posts from court today.


  1. The link doesn't work...look forward to the additional docs...happy with judge's decision...