Sep 28, 2016

Naked pictures of Goldberg's wife discovered on Smith's phone by his wife

According to statement of probable cause, Tim Smith's wife told law enforcement that arrived at her residence, Jon Goldberg shot her husband. He said something like, "I thought you were my friend man."

The statement further states that Tim Smith's wife claims she found naked pictures of Goldberg's wife on Tim Smith's phone the night before and that she confronted her husband about the pictures and that she called Goldberg's wife to tell Jon Goldberg about them.

More photos of items  seized and statement of probable cause (below).

The only two eye witnesses identifying Goldberg at the residence driving away are Smith's wife and son. From the statement of probable cause summary, they did not see the actual shooting. Utility crew heard shots.


  1. Sounds like John is finding the "true story "!

  2. How do you get all your information???

    1. Old fashioned shoe leather reporting.

  3. That explains rumors of only 3 shots fired from Jon

  4. Why the Costco Card?

  5. It's called Indicia… Something with his name on it to show his connection to the residence.

  6. Good reporting John.