Sep 23, 2016

Looks like Kushwaha didn't learn his lesson with the Green Valley motel being shut down 3 years ago

Besides the Budget Motel in Eureka, Ravindra aka David Kushwaha had another motel shut down in 2013.

Wouldn't talk to media then; wouldn't talk to media now except today to whine about alleged conspiracies about Danco and the City and suing the City of Eureka.

He didn't come up with the money then; he did not now.

The shut down in 2013 was a County action since it was Green Valley motel in Orick.

Story at:

If anyone should be sued, it should be Kushwaha by the taxpayers.

He made people living at his two motels lose their homes, he had no problem taking rent checks for years  and expecting people who had little choice live in disgusting and dangerous conditions or over using up City and County resources, especially police for one property, the Budget.

If Peter Martin was really a champion for the downtrodden, he would have sued Kushwaha, and offered his services pro bono. No easy money here, so Martin passed on this "cause."


  1. my boyfriend fixed and got all red tags lifted at the green valley motel and was promised a bonus and was never paid and i also did the clean up and during the time we paid out of our pocket for living there and for trips into eureka from oric to get supplies and so i could also do maid severs at the budget

  2. The green valley motel in orick reopened my name is mike I personally had all the county violations and red tags from health department signed off I personally did all the work on motel Michael Damion with county building department was my inspector and him and I went through entire property pulled permit for any work that needed to be done Mr Damion signed motel off along with health department in doing so the owner David and general manager Paul both said I would revive a sagniffcant bonus if I was able to have motel signed off that was about 2years ago and still have not been paid for my efforts

    1. Hi do you have a email address that I can contact you on? Looking to do a story about the D.K

  3. I would be interested in doing a interview about Davids motels I did maintance on green vally and minor repairs at budget about 2years ago

  4. Michael, my contact information is on the blog, call or email me.

  5. Mikie dont forget to tell em about how you went out of state to help him and got stranded

  6. My contact information is on top of the page under the contact tab.