Sep 17, 2016

" City has not received a formal complaint regarding this issue so, she cannot opine either way since no formal investigation has been conducted into the alleged conduct."

Austin Allison

So, do some of typical "investigative, left leaning" media, say NCJ and LOCO and anonymous left leaning blogs only seem to care about Brown Act Violations when it is Janelle Egger claiming so or it suits them?

Austin Allison still has not sent any statement, press release to me but that is not a surprise. He has been duly prepped by his backers, most the same as Allen McCloskey backers, only to talk to certain media. You know the ones who will only ask him "convenient" questions.

Where is the huge concern when three Eureka City Council members actively participated in signature gathering for Austin Allison? They are free to endorse or sign any signature gathering form but three City Councilmembers were in the City Hall lobby while Allison and others were actively recruit signatures. North Coast Alliance sent a facebook post asking people to show up to sign his form. Linda Atkins who is a member of HCDCC, Progressive Democrats and a City Councilmember has way too many overlapping interests to claim she is unbiased and should be ashamed of her blatant attempt to stack the council with someone who decided to run after McCloskey dropped out last minute?

They were seen by me, others, including LOCO's Ryan Burns in the lobby that afternoon as Austin Allison sat with Allen McCloskey behind a City Hall desk.

They were in the lobby when I arrived that afternoon; they were in the lobby when others arrived after me, and they were in the lobby when I left around 5 p.m..

So why were these three City Councilmembers there with the other supporters gathered calling on phones, ushering in people to sign Austin's form? On City property? It's not as if they wandered by unexpectedly and signed his form. They owe the public some answers, whether a formal complaint has been filed or not.

THC and I don't always agree but they raise good points in yet another post about Allison.

Unlike THC or anyone else, I contacted Eureka City Clerk Pam Powell and City Attorney Cyndi Day Wilson on September 2 with these three questions:

Three council members were present, recruiting people. People were calling from City Hall while signatures were being gathered

1. Three Councilmembers, Brown Act violation?
2. Isn't it illegal to campaign on public property?
3. If this is not considered campaigning, why?

City Clerk Pam Powell told me she was going to look into it and that the City Attorney was also going to get back to me.

Yesterday, I received this email response:


Thanks for your patience, Cyndy says the City has not received a formal complaint regarding this issue so, she cannot opine either way since no formal investigation has been conducted into the alleged conduct."

Previous posts:

Aug 25, 2016

I took Austin Allison's sister's offer up to share her facebook post about contributions from out of the area

So Austin Allison needs contributions from out of the area?

Linda Atkins, North Coast People's alliance and all those "local" backers could not garner enough support locally?

Just like Austin Allison changed his facebook to state living in Eureka, after that was pointed in comments; let's see how fast this profile gets switched to private. Text included below.

Sally Allison DeLeon, who lives in Colorado, shared this on her facebook:


This is my brother, Austin Allison. He is running for Eureka City Council! He's been involved in organizing a union at the hospital he's worked for the past 6 years fighting for fair wages and safer nurse/patient ratios. He is the ideal advocate for the working families of his community, giving a voice to those who normally don't have one. PLEASE spread the word to anyone you know in the Eureka, CA area to get out and VOTE! ✅

Austin Allison for Eureka City Council!! πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

If you don't live in the area but would still like to support his campaign, you can send all contributions to:
"Austin for City Council"
1602 Hodgson Street
Eureka, CA 95503

And who recruited Austin Allison?

According to this facebook post, Allen McCloskey and the same people backing Allen McCloskey. I don't see comments on social media complaining about this last minute filing.

Text of that post which was from August 17:

URGENT - Our only progressive candidate for Eureka City Council has to back out due to health concerns. Allen has recruited a replacement candidate, Austin Allison. We need signatures from registered Eureka voters between now and 5:00 TODAY to get him on the ballot - please go to the lobby at city hall if you can sign, and/or help spread the word! - Tamara

By the way, Austin, you have no telephone number to contact you. That business card I gave you for that written statement never got emailed. Do your "supporters" tell you to only talk to select media sources they approve of?

Sep 1, 2016

Allen McCloskey out; Austin Allison in; what's the difference between these 2 and who are Austin's backers?

Thanks for the shout out THC.

THC asks a question in this latest post about why Allen McCloskey really dropped out.

If you missed these posts, here are four links worth pondering:

Just like McCloskey, when his protege is asked to answer questions to clarify real concerns, all you hear is crickets.

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