Sep 13, 2016

Budget Motel inspection just completed, POP team provide security for City, County and Fire Department

City of Eureka, Humboldt Bay Fire and the County Department of Public Health just finished their inspection at the Budget, Acting City Manager  Pam Powell told me.

The POP team provided security for the inspection and EPD assisted with arrests. (See post below).

A press release will be out later today.

Press Release:

On Tuesday morning at 8:00 am the City of Eureka, with assistance from the County of Humboldt Division of Environmental Health and Humboldt Bay Fire, served an inspection warrant issued by the Superior Court on the Budget Motel located at 1140 4th street.

The purpose of the warrant was to document violations of the Eureka Municipal Code and other regulations intended to protect life, health, safety and property. Due to recent levels of criminal activity at the Budget Motel, which has amassed more than 200 calls for service in the last twelve months,

City and County inspectors were accompanied by officers from the Eureka Police Department to ensure that a thorough inspection of the property could be completed safely. In excess of 100 health and safety code violations including missing plumbing fixtures, building code violations and an infestation of cockroaches and bedbugs were documented.

The City of Eureka has received numerous complaints from tenants who are staying at the motel. The motel remains open at this time and tenants have not been displaced. The city is currently evaluating the nature and extent of the violations and determining the best path for resolution.

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