Sep 22, 2016

Citing public safety concerns and the horrifying experience of the 12 year old student, People request and are granted no bail for Dylan Wilson

More disturbing details emerged at the arraignment of Dylan Wilson this afternoon about his alleged encounter with the female minor on the path to Arcata Elementary school.

Besides court staff, attorneys, victim witness representatives, no one besides me was in the court for Wilson's arraignment.

A sullen Wilson walked into Courtroom 5 this afternoon. He looked down as Judge Joyce Hinrichs read the charges against him.

When Judge Hinrichs asked if he needed an attorney to represent him, Wilson loudly snapped, "Yeah."

Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads who is prosecuting this case requested no bail.

Ms. Eads said the People had public safety concerns. "A child is the victim. While she was walking to school, he looked at her. They made eye contact. He grabbed her, proceeded to pull down her pants as well as her panties and was on top of her. She yelled as loudly as she could. She tried to push him away. She was unsuccessful."

The mother who was suspicious of Wilson and other civilians were able to rescue the girl, said Ms. Eads.   "His other victims were also elementary school students."

After hearing from her, Judge Hinrichs ruled this to be "a no bail case", subject to review.  Public Defender's office was appointed; Mr Owen Tipps  represented Wilson at arraignment today said he reserves his client's right to address in the future.

A CLETS protective order was served in court and in addition to providing protection for the alleged minor victim, Wilson has to stay 30 yards away from Arcata Elementary.

Wilson started to yell in court saying, "I did not do anything. There were no kids" . Mr. Tipps hushed him and said, "don't say anything. Talk to your attorney." Wilson mumbled something which sounded like "I was just smoking weed" but did shut up after that utterance.

Wilson plead not guilty and did not waive time. A petition to revoke his probation has been filed. His previous two cases had criminal proceedings suspended because he was in an outpatient program.

Intervention is on Oct 3 at 3 p.m. Preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 4.

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