Sep 28, 2016

So did the Fortuna PD lie to me yesterday about the Ramey warrant being turned in? And when do they plan on giving a report to the DA?

I have a good relationship with court staff, HCSO, jail staff and the DA's office. I will also commend the records clerk at Fortuna PD.

But Fortuna Police Department right now isn't winning the award for transparency.

Either someone misled Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht or Fortuna PD outright lied to me yesterday.

I spent almost two hours going back forth to various departments in the Courthouse yesterday morning. Everyone could not find a copy of the Ramey warrant. FPD was not reachable.

I was told last evening, finally after calling and emailing FPD brass repeatedly that the warrant was turned in at booking which was 9/26.

I turned to court admin for help. They were told that the warrant was not returned yesterday but will be today, sometime.

I spent this morning. Court staff spent time this morning. Unlike certain other media, I dont make one phone call or email request, I put in time and leg work.

Thanks a lot for wasting my time but more importantly the time of valuable court staff and law enforcement.

The DA is busy, courts are busy. Arraignment for someone in custody needs to be done in 48 hours. Even if a report is turned in today, it maybe too late and puts pressure on the DA.

EPD and APD and HCSO are busier than FPD. They manage to turn reports in, sure sometimes they may not.

After the Marci Kitchen debacle, FPD needs some scrutiny. The public needs information, the Ramey warrant is the only document so far.

I respect law enforcement but transparency more. Why the delay? Why no motive?

Maybe there is more to the shooting and its not quite so black and white. Maybe they should not have arrested someone quickly since they know the motive and said this was a personal dispute.


  1. What about the young woman who had her throat slit and was found in the ditch off of Rohnerville road that was just swept under the rug as well.

    1. Give me a name and I will research it.

    2. They never did release her name. Most news articles just said badly injured found on side of Rohnerville road. Inside info said her throat had been slit as well as stabbed at a different location and then dumped in the ditch. She crawled out and someone called it in. There had been a fight at the casino that night that may or may not have had a connection. Although the female was never named it is well know around town that the last name is her. She survived and nothing was ever brought up again. The incident took place last February!

  2. APD, EPD and HCSO may be busier but check out staff numbers. They have much more.

  3. APD, EPD and HCSO may be busier but check out staff numbers. They have much more.

    1. And APD, HCSO, and EPD have way more cases and calls they respond to and investigate. There was absolutely no reason not to release the motive once the alleged suspect was arrested and booked two days ago.

      Sgt. Ellebrecht has been very helpful in the last two days. Bottom line is Chief Dobberstein is the man on the top and he should evaluate and take some responsibility for how information is disseminated.

  4. FPD was probably in a hard spot. Trying to delicately handle a situation for two families.

    Tim Smith was a firefighter, but those colleagues and friends who are hailing him as this paragon of virtue are ignoring that he cheated on his wife, she found out not because he came clean with her. So what more will we find out if good ole small town dirty laundry is not swept under the rug.

    Does that mean Tim Smith deserved to die? No. But let's not whitewash who he was, not a role model or mentor. It seemed like Goldberg and he were friends.

    Smith's wife confronting Goldberg's wife the night before and basically demanding she tell Goldberg did not help the situation.

    If Goldberg is found guilty in a court of law, then he should pay the consequences. So far, he is placed on the scene, there is no evidence that he shot anyone.

  5. Well said John. What happened to good old morals, honesty, trust, marriage vows, and integrity. Who violated which first?

  6. Isn't the Kitchen case a CHP investigation? Why would that be Fortuna PD's "debaucle?"

    1. Talk about deja vu. I had the same question from FPD. Marci Kitchen's residence is in Fortuna. Just because CHP is the lead agency investigating, does not mean FPD was not involved. They were. Fortuna sure can't handle criticism, can they? CHP has already received flack in their lack of information regarding the Kitchen case. Fortuna keeps saying personal motive to the only other media besides myself who asked. The motive is in the
      Ramey warrant. Important information that the public deserves to know. The only people peeved by this coverage seem to be some of Smith's friends and the good ole Fortuna boys.

    2. Thanks. I will see what I can do.