Sep 16, 2016

Betty Chinn's family and grand child attend homeless foundation family shelter opening

Elected officials, business leaders, priests and representatives from the Catholic Church  and Catholic Charities and community members were at the Betty Chinn Homeless Foundation Family Center on 6th and C this afternoon for a preview given to donors.

Each family will have their own case manager. Food will be cooked next door and then brought over.

Fr. Tom Diaz, pastor of St. Bernard's and Sacred Heart Church made  brief remarks and gave a general prayer. Pastor,Dan Price and Betty Chinn Center Board Member spoke.

Representatives from the Episcopal Church also attended. Joseph Hale, was there representing Temple Beth El.

Congressman Jared Huffman, John Driscoll, Hon. Judge Marilyn Miles, DA Maggie Fleming, Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills, Fire Chief Gillespie,  DHHS, City and County officials.

(More photos and video on Words Worth facebook page)

David Tyson got an autographed copy signed by Betty Chinn of the latest NCJ article for $300 donation auctioned off by Supervisor Rex Bohn, whether he liked it or not!

Betty thought she was signing it for me, said Supervisor Bohn. He took the opportunity to urge the people who attended to fulfill the wish list the Center still needs.

"God sees the potential in the person," said Pastor Dan Price when " we see a person and say, why don't they get their act together?'

Mayor Frank Jager brought up that there isn't "affordable housing, detox houses and mental health resources" to adequately address this problem.

There were quite a few humorous quotes, some you just had to be there to fully appreciate it.

Supervisor Bohn, referring to Congressman Huffman as one of the speakers said, that he does not like to speak for 20 minutes, "unless it is to filibuster." Even Congressman Huffman thought that was funny.

Supervisor Virginia Bass asked, can anyone say no to Betty?

My favorite quote was from Betty, "Don't listen to him" about Rex introducing her. She was her humble self, giving credit to the community, her Board, and business leaders. "This is not about Betty, this is about our clients. This is all because of you."

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Sep 16, 2016

We get to see the donors pictured but here is a chance to see the hard working employees of businesses that helped Betty's second project become reality

Last October, I reported on Betty Chinn's second project to help the homeless community.

Today, donors will get a preview of the completed project and tomorrow the public will get a chance to tour the facility. I will have a post and photos later today but I thought why not take some pictures of the hard working folks getting the facility ready and those that have worked so hard to make Betty's vision a reality.

Pictured below are photos from this morning, with two hardworking employees of Kramer's Properties.

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