Sep 20, 2016

According to Health and Safety Code, Budget Motel owners must pay relocation benefits for tenants; with 340 violations do they care ? City prepared to assist tenants

I just spoke with Brian Gerving who is Acting City Manager this week and he is the City of Eureka's Chief Building Official.

The Budget Motel, located on 4th Street in Eureka was recently inspected for code violations by the City of Eureka, the County and the Fire Department had 340 violations.

Late yesterday afternoon, the City of Eureka posted a notice informing the tenants that they had until 8 a.m. on Thursday to vacate the premises.

In that notice, it stated that according to the Health and Safety Code, the owner of the property was responsible for relocation expenses of the tenants.

The owners of the Budget Motel were informed regarding their responsibility about the relocation expenses today, said Mr. Gerving.

Mr. Gerving said because of the short time frame; the Code requires they owners pay the relocation benefits within 24 hours; the City is prepared to pay and recover the money from the owners  later.

The City will be meeting with tenants tomorrow or Thursday to follow -up.

The amount of the relocation expenses is $1,600 is based on $638 rent for a month plus utilities. Mr. Gerving said that the amount is calculated based on two months fair market rent, according to HUD; an additional amount is added for utilities which is determined by local jurisdiction.

The post will be updated if the owners respond.

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  1. While it doesn't benefit the tenants in the short run, it will benefit everyone who has had to deal with the problems this place has caused.

    Info on the property per County Assessor's website:
    searched by street address of 1140 4th St

    Assessor's Parcel No. 001-196-002-000
    Lot size: 0.45 acre 19800 sq feet
    Property type Motel over 40 units
    Roll Values
    Land 262207
    Structure 366828
    Fixtures 13000
    Total land and improvements $642035
    Business property 26250
    Net assessment 668285
    The only motels for sale in Humboldt that I could find were either smaller (and attractive) or larger (and profitable, well-maintained.
    So if the owner of the motel does not have enough of an interest (or the
    finances) to take care of all the improvements required, the only commercial market for the property might be a tear-down (the value of the land) or to turn it into something run by a non-profit.
    Perhaps those interested in helping the low-income or homeless might try to find grant funding to accomplish a turnaround which would benefit all
    If the owner 'abandons' the property because of all the liens that might clear the title (someone who knows real estate lawy, please advise?).
    Asking representatives in Sacramento for possible programs that could apply to this situation.
    The loss of 4o units which could house 80 people is a huge burden on everyone involved in keeping people off the streets.
    The State Assembly is in recess until January. Surely those who work for Assemblymen/women might have time to do some research? I know many elected officials will be busy getting re-elected or running for another office but their job is the work of looking after the needs of the people of the State first.
    I may do some online searches to see if I can turn anything up.