Sep 20, 2016

Check out BOLO suspect Ryan Lenahan's facebook page and profile photo

The BOLO was for Ryan Lenahan from EPD to all agencies. The  address and car information from scanner.

Here is a link to Ryan Lenahan's facebook page, lives in Rio Dell:

Besides the "classy" photo on his profile, shown below, according to a comment by him, he transferred his probation here from san mateo.

"I live in Humboldt now ( name removed) I transferred my probation from san mateo country wear I caught all my cases and did all my time. But I had to drive like 40 miles every two weeks to the probation office now i only  gota visit her once a month now I been doin good full time employment and no police contact since I got out"

Police looking for : 2000 Honda SUV.  Address 1209 Eeloa Ave.

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