Sep 20, 2016

Josh Pearlston a no show in family court, parties were close to resolution; now Kitchen criminal file requested for October 5 hearing

This morning Stephanie Pearlston was in court with her attorney, Mr. Michael Robinson.

Josh Pearlston was not present. His attorney Rory Hanson was in court.

Mr. Robinson told Visiting Judge Arnold Rosenfeld that the parties had been "substantially close to a tentative agreement"; however after seeing a written copy handed to them in court, Mr. Robinson said, "it calls the agreement in question."

The date of October 5 remain set
 If a resolution is not reached, Mr. Robinson requested that the criminal case file in Marci Kitchen's case be available that day in family court.

Sep 19, 2016

Will Stephanie Pearlston succeed in permanently banning Marci Kitchen being around her children; Josh Pearlston lawyers up in family law case

Tomorrow morning a pre trial hearing is scheduled for an October 5 hearing regarding an emergency coury order Stephanie Pearlston filed in August.
Mr. Michael Robinson is representing Stephanie Pearlston.

Since that emergency court order was filed Josh Pearlston is no longer representing himself but has hired Mr. Rory Hanson to represent him in this family law case.

A Suzanne Wren filed a declaration on behalf of Josh Pearlston on August 19.

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