Sep 21, 2016

Temporary restraining order requested against City of Eureka's action to close Budget tomorrow

I just stopped by Mr. Bradley Floyd's office and spoke with his assistant.

She did verify a complaint for a temporary restraining order to stop the tenants from having to move tomorrow has been filed.

Once it is signed by a Judge, the City will be served.

I just checked the court records and court clerk's office right before they closed for the day. It is a restraining order to try stop the injunction. Was signed by Judge Dale Reinholtsen. Court hearing tomorrow at 8:45 a.m.

I will upload more photos of the basic complaint later today. I will have more details on the full complaint tomorrow since the clerk's office is now closed .

Plaintiffs are Amanda and Ravindra Kushwaha, owners of the Budget Motel. Defendant is City of Eureka.

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One of the photos says electronic service, City Attorney Cyndi Day Wilson told me they do not accept electronic service, this was before lunch. As of 2:30, the City had yet not been served.

See the two posts below, including the original post with remarks from City Attorney Cyndia Day Wilson.

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