Sep 15, 2016

Wrongful death suit by Joe Kitchen?

In one of my posts today, I noted that Mr. Zach Zwerdling of Zwerdling, Bragg and Mainzer and Firpo was siting with Joe Kitchen, his son and other family. Looks like he will be the lawyer representing the Kitchen family's interests in the criminal case.

I mentioned Mr. Dustin Owens, who is representing Joe Kitchen in his family law case.

Zwerdling, Bragg, Mainzer and Firpo are a civil litigation firm. Maybe a wrongful death suit after the criminal case has concluded? Or filed now?

 Mr. Zwerdling responded he is not at liberty to discuss this at this time .


  1. As other big time cases have shown, when the criminal case does not provide enough sense of justice, civil suites may bring the whole story to light and provide closure in other ways. Not vengeance but real justice.

  2. You can't retain a finer lawyer than Zach. He's a fine human and excellent lawyer. I'm sure he will represent the Kitchens with heart and skill.

  3. No wrongful death lawsuit will bring back the beautiful young women killed by Marci Kitchen. In addition, Marci will probably file bankruptcy, after she has hidden/disappeared any assets of value. So, what's the point? She will go to jail and will probably shrivel up into a non-person or possibly end up taking her own life. There is no win-win here!