Sep 22, 2016

Judge Reinholtsen to issue his ruling on whether City of Eureka can proceed at the Budget by noon

Yesterday, the owners of the Budget Motel in Eureka filed a last minute order to try and prevent the City of Eureka from closing down the motel which has 340 code violations.

Bradley Floyd is representing the Budget Motel owners Amanda and Ravindra Kushwaha. Only Ravindra Kushwaha was in court with another unidentified man. Budget motel manager Tiffany Taylor was also in court.

City Attorney Cyndi Day Wilson was in court. Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills, Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie and two other HBF staff members, City Clerk Pam Powell, Chief Building Official Brian Gerving and City's Code Enforcement Program Manager Brian Issa were in court.

Gist was that Ravindra Kushwaha wants 45 days to have a chance to  fix issues and have people stay there and claimed the $60,000 in relocation expenses was a detriment.

City Attorney citing that there have been open violations since 2011 and that the owners had not fixed them, had plenty of time, and citing case law and civil codes why the TRO should not be granted along with highlighting the deplorable conditions and 348 current violations asked Judge Dale Reinholtsen to deny the request by TRO.

Judge Reinholtsen said he will have a ruling by noon today.

I am in the process of working on two separate post on both arguments, which I may finish before or after the ruling is issued today.

Times Standard, North Coast Journal and Lost Coast Outpost were also in court.

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