Sep 13, 2016

For those who defend polluters, those who leaves syringes and needles all over town, take them to your house

Remember the post I did about a syringe found in Old Town full of blood.

And a while back about trash and other garbage near Second Street between 3rd and I.

Here is a link to Operation Safe Streets post and the video.

These people are hanging out in a parking lot surrounded by businesses that pay taxes, next to another City owned parking lot.

They do nothing but pollute the place and now have the nerve to complain about a needle.

Read the post from OSS. If Harm reduction feels so strongly, take them to your house, and they can shoot up there. And anyone else who wants to coddle and enable them.

These people who hang out all over the City and Old Town are making a choice. Not to work, to stay on the streets, to shoot up and the rest of us don't need to be subjected to their unsafe drug addiction and habits and trash.

People who want to change seek resources and help.

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