Sep 27, 2016

Jury trial set for Ewa Misztal on Nov 21; she gets teary eyed as she sees her family in court from Poland

This afternoon Ewa Misztal, the Polish citizen arrested in Arcata for the alleged death of her baby, was  arraigned on information for her jury trial. She entered a plea of not guilty, time was not waived, and the date for her jury trial is November 21.

Mr. Casey Russo who is representing her said he was going to request a date for discovery because he has not even received the autopsy report yet. He has also subpoenaed records "crucial to the case".

Misztal's family was in court, a man and a woman, likeltly her mother because Mr. Russo referred to her as Mrs. Misztal. She was sobbing in court and had a Polish interpreter with her. Miztal got teary eyed as she saw her family.

The alleged charge is the same that she was held to answer after the preliminary hearing: Count 1 Felony PC 273ab Assault on a child causing death.

Misztal is being represented by Public Defender Casey Russo. Bail is one million. 

If convicted, the sentence for this charge is 25 years to life.

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