Sep 1, 2016

Humboldt Superior Court CEO continues to improve accessibility and transparency for public and media

It has only been eight months since Ms. Kim Bartleson was hired as the CEO of Humboldt Superior Court and the change is remarkable.

I have written about some of those changes and her future plans below.

With the interest in using the public computers growing, especially with other media now seeing the benefit in more court coverage, two computer terminals makes it difficult. Most attorneys are respectful but two in particular, still used to having preference are quite rude, regardless of a clear sign saying this room is for public access computers. Even after the door was removed to that room, these issues continued.

Then again, these two attorney exceptions are the same ones, who need to get over the culture that permeated for years in that courthouse, especially if you are a public defender, whose paycheck is paid for by taxpayers.

Media, members of the public, people who do background checks, bail companies all save a lot of time and can do research on some basic information in this computer.

There are several other conference rooms. Often family law mediators or just the public use the public access computers to hang out.

Ms. Bartleson has been working on these challenges. Now room 211  has been designated as a room with those computers. It's location makes it quieter, roomier and Ms. Bartleson just told me new signage would be going up. A third terminal will be added.

The entire management team under Ms. Bartleson's leadership has been more accessible because they are being given clear direction and encouragement.

Both, with Ms. Bartleson and DA Maggie Fleming, the public is really lucky. If you see them, thank them.

Having to deal with other counties, we don't realize how lucky we are locally to have this access, especially for media.

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  1. "If I want the freedom to criticize, I have the responsibility to praise"
    (and the reverse, as well).
    Your willingness to praise (where due) reminds me that the balance makes both actions stronger.
    Glad to read that productive plans and measures are improving access for everytong.