Sep 1, 2016

Federal judge rules that Thomas McClain's parents can take their case to trial

City Attorney Cyndi Day Wilson responded via email: John – this matter is being handled by the City’s outside insurance counsel and since it is pending litigation I cannot comment."

EPD Chief Andrew Mills declined comment.

California Police Killing Case Heads to Trial

 SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — Parents who say a Eureka, Calif. policeman shot their son to death though his hands were in the air can take their case to trial, a federal judge said Wednesday.
     Twenty-two-year-old Thomas McClain was shot to death by Eureka police Officer Steven Linfoot on Sept. 17, 2004, his parents say in the lawsuit they filed in May 2015.
     The parents, Lance McClain and Jeanne Barragan, say their son was complying with orders and had his hands up when Linfoot fired seven bullets, three of which hit Thomas as he stood in his front yard.

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