Sep 7, 2016

CHP fowards Fortuna hit and run case information to DA, includes passenger in car who is a witness

Update: September 8, Eight a.m. Officer Cy May said that the report has not been completed and not forwarded to the,DA.

Without revealing my sources, I still think the report will be forwarded to the DA any day now.

The public has been without information, speculation is and has been rampant on social media.

It isn't exactly like information has been forthcoming, media has had to pull it out.

I think the public deserves to know a major development like a potential eye witness.

I understand CHP's caution but it seems interesting that certain people in this case, even if they have not been charged, lawyer up.

Why impede a homicide investigation, if you have nothing to hide?


CHP has forwarded their report on the Fortuna hit and run to the District Attorney's office.

It is a 100 page report.

I have  been waiting on information for a few days since I thought CHP would send out a press release.

There was  someone with Marci Kitchen in the car; that witness who has lawyered up. I am witholding the person's name and where he is from, for now.

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  1. This one is tragic on so many levels.

  2. It is not an admission of guilt to hire an attorney. With all the people that get railroaded by the criminal justice system, its smart to obtain legal counsel. You would consult a medical doctor for health issues, why wouldn't you consult an attorney with legal matters.

    1. Consult is not the same as hiring an attorney. When the case involves your own daughter and a friend and you could possibly be a key witness and have information and the vehicle belongs to you, the first thing on your mind is hiring a lawyer, skip town for days and only communicate through a lawyer?

      That is BS. This is not a stranger situation.

    2. In this situation yeah it basically is an admission of guilt..

  3. Thanks for the update today. I guess we'll learn a lot more any day now!!!

  4. I am happy someone is doing an update. Thanks

  5. Josh was the passenger as well as the "director of ceremonies" immediately after the collision knowing full well that they needed to abandon scene and lawyer-up. I don't believe Marci would have left the scene if she was actually alone in her jeep. Of course this is not to say she's any less guilty for her actions.