Sep 1, 2016

Bicycle at the crosswalk of 4th and G; dude cussing out as he is being searched by three EPD officers

Just spoke with EPD's Officer Cory Crnich. The guy that was just put in the patrol car is bring charged with alleged violation of probation, resisting arrest going in and out of the street in middle of traffic, public intoxication and talking "nonsensically".

Fortunately, for citizens EPD happened to be in the vicinity.

I only heard him for five minutes and I have a headache. Try driving on 4th street with this idiot going in and out of the street.

He did call Officer Crnich "cool" and said, "I know this guy" to the other two police officers.


  1. I didn't know talking nonsensically is illegal. Doesn't that mean Trump should be in jail? Obviously he has a mental illness. Nice of the police to harass him.

  2. In your bias against law enforcement and Trump, did you forget to read violation of probation and going in and out of the street endangering others? I just added public intoxication which I was trying in the midst of responding to comments and posting. It's not just talking nonsensically.

    As for your snide against Trump, its your view he talks nonsense. No word from you about lying Hillary who played with classified information endangering American lives. Day after day, scandals come out and you sit here criticizing law enforcement for protecting the public and Trump who actually campaigns while Hillary keeps raising more money.

  3. The Shill has gone 270 days without a news conference. Election is rigged.

  4. Missing, is your comment to anon?