Sep 1, 2016

A picture of Marci Kitchen, Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas in happier times; community frustrated with lack of information

How did it go from this picture of Marci Kitchen, Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas to two young girls losing their life tragically and the person who can shed light is MIA?

I am posting this because on a daily basis, there are calls and emails I get from the community frustrated with the lack of information on this case.

And, that would be true of other media sources too. People ask me about the Kitchen case while commenting on other cases.

So when do we get an update, even if it that the investigation is ongoing and an estimate on when the public can expect any new information to be released or any information given to the DA?

How can a community heal at all when all the parties involved, Marci Kitchen; her lawyers and CHP are all silent?


  1. I appreciate your time on this JC, I dropped a comment on an earlier post today. It just seems to be a long delay, from your experience in these matters, do you have any idea what could be taking the investigation so long? I Think they said the car black box gad been analysed, developing intent? pressuring witnesses?

    1. I don't want to speculate Anon 4:31. The community is in so much pain as are the families and friends of Kiya and Faith.

      Let's hope we get some information soon.

  2. We are very thankful you are on the job, walking the halls of justice and reminding county and state officials that we want answers to this madness. The CHP always seemed so professional; this is disappointing to see two deaths and no criminal charges after so many weeks and weeks.

  3. If Nancy Grace ever got a hold of this mess, she would nickname Marci Kitchen as "Hit & Run Mom." (Like the moniker she gave Casey Anthony as "Tot Mom." Yeah, I think "Hit & Run Mom" is suitable knowing what little we know at this point. Thanks. Tall Trees

  4. this is the craziest bs I have ever heard. Arrest her NOW and keep her behind bars while you fiogure out you r case like EVERY other case!!! WTF