Sep 13, 2017

Michelle Randall, to do list the day she got arrested for robbing a 70 year old woman

EPD Chief Steve Watson:
"To do" list found on a Eureka heroin addict-arrested by EPD today for strong armed robbery of an elderly woman. #HeroinCrimeWave #Epidemic


  1. "shoplift" is spelled incorrectly. "Ideas" needs no apostrophe. tsk tsk tsk

  2. Thankyou for publishing this. I hope the judge sees it. "Strong arm robbery of an elderly woman" says it all. Randall has no compassion, wouldn't be so tough in prison.

  3. This girl needs a reality check.....And I think some time in a California State Prison would do her some good. I know there are the bleeding hearts that say prison only hardens people but, I on the other hand say they are already hardened if they are doing things to get themselves there. This list absolutely indicates she had a plan to rip someone/anyone off yesterday and she got the easiest target. LOCK HER UP! By the way.....her facebook page says she's the boss at being a Hustler, isn't that cute?!?!?!?