Mar 3, 2017

Supervisor Rex Bohn and Southern Humboldt Credit Union give input at Cannabis Banking Hearing in D.C.

(Patricia Neighbors CEO Southern Humboldt Credit Union speaking at the Cannabis Banking Hearing.)

Last Thursday, Supervisor Rex Bohn was at an Assembly hearing in Sacramento which discussed the effects of cannabis, specifically what counties can do since the passage of Prop 64.

On Friday, Supervisor Bohn was in D. C. (along with his fellow Supervisors). He flew back yesterday to Napa to speak at the California Forestry Associates' annual meeting, after which drove to Garberville for the County's First Budget Roadshow.

Noah Marine, legislative director for Colorado's Congressman Perlmutter invited Supervisor Bohn to a Cannabis Banking hearing after Supervisor Bohn stopped by the Congressman's office during his D.C. trip.

Patricia Neighbors and Janet Sanchez of the Southern Humboldt Credit Union attended that hearing with Supervisor Bohn.

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