Mar 13, 2017

Last minute " sneak hearing" to set "bail conditions" for Marci Kitchen

Marci Kitchen had a hearing set last minute,  "to set bail conditons"

This was not in the court system Friday late Friday afternoon, it was not on the online calendar when I checked yesterday. Now, all of a sudden it is in the digital calendar and court records as being filed March 10.

I did check with Humboldt Superior Court and the entry of this into court records was late Friday.

No one checks the online court calendar constantly and it is not always accurate. And they usually do not update it over the weekend.

Given the interest in this case, it does not matter when the calendar was updated; this is not transparency.

I have mailed DA Maggie Fleming and defense attorneys.

I called her bail person, who had no idea about the hearing this morning and said he could not comment on the case.


  1. You would make a great detective! Thanks for keeping us informed, I'm sure her trips to Mexico have something to do with this?

  2. From LOCO....Olkin says she has no priors and if convicted of all offenses she could be eligible for probation. Dear Lord tell me it's not so....

    1. I am sure that is what Okin wants and what he gets paid for to keep Marci Kitchen out of jail and his other clients charged with similar crimes. With Humboldt justice and the special treatment Marci Kitchen has been getting, who knows?

  3. That's bullshit that she got a sneaky hearing probably so she wouldn't have her picture taken or protesters or what not. It's not fair. Thanks again John for letting us know.

  4. Thank you for keeping us up to date on this poor showing of justice, John.