Sep 11, 2016

So who is this male pasenger who was allegedly with Marci Kitchen, from San Diego, and where is he?

(Kiya, Faith and Marci Kitchen)

According to more than two sources, CHP is looking for a male with connections to San Diego, who was allegedly a passenger with Marci Kitchen, the evening of the alleged hit and run.

This man is a key witness to the case. According to another source, he has allegedly "lawyered up" and will not talk to CHP unless he is served with a subpoena. There are concerns he may no longer be in San Diego.

I have the last name Stewart. Not printing the first name because different first names given from from two sources, one could be a nickname.

All sources insist it was not Josh Pearlston in the car but this other male. What his connection is to Marci Kitchen is not known or confirmed, yet.

Marci's maiden name is Stephens. Her mother remarried and stepfather's name is Stewart. Whether passenger Stewart has a connection to Marci and the family has not been verified, but already have people asking me this question. It is a question worth asking. Why won't CHP release this guy's name?

Justice for two young lives, innocent, killed, and anyone who can help, wants to lawyer up and not come forward.

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  1. Are you saying the CHP has identified but not contacted this witness? Has CHP determined where they were coming from when the accident happened? Do you know if CHP questioned the family? Are you saying CHP cannot locate this witness in San Diego? Are you implying he is in hiding? If he is already represented, can a subpoena be served on the lawyer? Is questioning this witness the reason the report is not final?

  2. All very good questions. You can either contact CHP yourself or be patient.

    I am not going to respond to questions, especially by anyone anonymous nor am I going to speculate or get into any dialogue about anything other than what is posted.

  3. Didn't one of the original articles say a friend was staying at the house, and he spoke with cops? He's the one who said he got a call about the accident, and the suspected vehicle wasn't in the yard when the call came in, but was there later? Is this the same "friend?"

  4. Hi John. Is it possible that this passenger/witness at some point began to fully cooperate with CHP and LE knows who and where he is? If that's the case: it seems that CHP and LE would have no desire to release his name--just as they have likely been protecting the identity of the 911 caller/witness. Just curious if the case actually would have even been forwarded to the DA at this point if the person was never interviewed or even located.

    1. Anything is possible but who would they be protecting the identity of the passenger from?

      Marci would know and all the attorneys would know. The 911 caller, I understand.

    2. Yes---my thinking is more along the lines of protecting the passenger's identity from public knowledge. Maybe a possibility of witness tampering or possibly the passenger could be a minor?

    3. We will find out soon enough, unless they keep delaying the preliminary hearing.

  5. Did you ever find out anything more about the male passenger?