Sep 9, 2016

Kudos to Senator McGuire for the townhall meeting last night and Virginia for her suggestion to business owners to help those that were recently housed

We are so lucky to have Senator Mike McGuire. He is involved and here in Humboldt and informed and concerned about us.

👌To Virginia for asking the business owners at the Senator Mike McGuire town hall meeting to provide jobs for those homeless now housed.

I have expressed the opinion below several times. With the increasing violence and rise in crime, two groups that need to take responsibility and not just blame drugs and other issues are certain business owners, landlords and people who own tons of land and create zero jobs.

There are local business owners who should be commended for already being part of the solution. These business owners regularly contribute to the economy and community by also donating to worthy causes.

Landlords can also be a part of the solution reducing homelessness. We have some good ones, rare, locally.

There are a lot of business owners and landlords who are a part of the problem of people ending up on the street.

I think business owners that create and maintain jobs and landlords that work with tenants, struggling or homeless, should be rewarded by the government.

Those that add to jobs being lost or not created while their profits soar and those that cause people ending up on the streets due to their greed and shitty rental practices should be penalized.

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