Sep 9, 2016

Eureka Chief Andy Mills turns the camera on media at Graffitti Removal Team Press Conference

EPD Graffitti team launch video link from Chief Andy Mills right now on Facebook.

Captain Watson gives a shout out to Allpoints from donating significantly to the costs of the signs.

Press Release:

On Friday, 09/09/2016, the Eureka Police Department (EPD) will officially launch its new volunteer
Graffiti Removal and Abatement Team (GR&AT). The GR&AT program is a collaborative effort
between EPD, the City of Eureka, and our community partners to abate graffiti vandalism in Eureka.
GR&AT is staffed by citizen-volunteers and substantially supported by generous donations from local
businesses as we work together to help keep Eureka beautiful and graffiti free.
Volunteers with the GR&AT program will work in small teams to remove graffiti on public property
(and in some cases on private utility structures in the public right-of-way) including parks, streets,
sidewalks, traffic signals, streetlights, water hydrants, signs, boxes and poles. Graffiti removal on
private property is the responsibility of the property owner. However, on a limited basis GR&AT
volunteers may be able to provide assistance in situations where the removal of graffiti from one’s
private property presents a hardship.
Prompt and persistent removal of graffiti, ideally within 24 hours, has been proven to be an effective
deterrent against repeat vandalism. Although vandalism is often considered a low-level crime,
communities are greatly affected when the blight and damage are not addressed. Neighborhoods begin to look run down and feel unsafe. “Removing and preventing graffiti increases a community’s sense of
ownership and security,” said EPD Captain Steve Watson. “GR&AT seeks to help residents and
business owners take control and restore neighborhood pride.”
If you are tired of seeing our beautiful city defaced with ugly graffiti, come join us and become part of
our GR&AT solution! Contact the GR&AT team at (707) 441-4038 or to
report graffiti, donate supplies, or become a GR&AT volunteer. Graffiti may also be reported directly to
the City of Eureka’s Code Enforcement Program Manager at (707) 441-4255 or 441-4290 during normal
business hours.
The Eureka Police Department would also like to thank those who have donated their time, equipment,
materials, and other support to the GR&AT program:
 Glenn Hamanaka, Hamanaka Painting Co.
 PPG Paints, Eureka
 Geoff Wills, Allpoints Advertising, Inc.
 Humboldt Waste Management Authority
 Rob McNamara, City of Eureka
 Melinda Petersen, City of Eureka
 Bruce Seivertson, volunteer
 Ed Sullivan, volunteer
 Delo Freitas, volunteer
 James Giacalone, volunteer
 Kim Bergel, City of Eureka Councilmember and volunteer

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