Sep 9, 2016

Hezekiah Allen denies rape is a part of weed culture; uses recent article to promote his agenda

One sentence condemning violence. The rest of his letter is about permitting, more resources for law enforcement and mental health services.

The last two are good suggestions but what do they have to do with rape?

Sure Hezekiah, men in the weed industry don't exploit women and women feel safe reporting the bad grower boys.  Weed and easy money and other substance abuse and men who abuse power is not the issue.

Kick those of you out of Sohum that brought it downhill with your greed and your bad behavior, that will fix the problem in Sohum and the image.

This is the man who is a spokesperson for an industry looking for a better image?

This is the comment I left on the letter by Hezekiah Allen on Kym's site:

Hezekiah, if the shoe fits. Are you saying permits will solve this problem?
In your letter, no where do you ask for your fellow men to treat women with respect. Expoloitation of women is an issue in this industry that draws men, who may or may not have issues, to abuse their power.
Meserve and Throckmorton are only two examples were marijuana growers thought they could get away with rape in Meserve’s case and assault in Throckmorton’s case.
To use the recent article by Shoshana as a way to promote your agenda of “legalization” is deplorable. Use your influence to turn in bad boys and community image will improve.

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