Sep 7, 2016

Father of baby of 28 Polish citizen, Ewa Mitzal, notified by APD of his child's death

An intervention hearing was held yesterday for Eva Misztal, the Polish citizen charged with assault on a child causing death.

The preliminary hearing remains set for September 19.

Her bail is one million.

I spoke with APD Sgt. Todd Dokweiler  clarify some details.

The biological father of the baby, does not live in Humboldt. He was notified of his daughter's death.

After Misztal went next door to a neighbor's asking for help with her baby who was unresponsive, the neighbor called 911.

Misztal allegedly told law enforcement, she had no idea what happened.

Skull fractures on the baby initiated the investigation, which is ongoing, said Sgt. Dokweiler.

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