Sep 2, 2016

CHP hopes to release information on the Fortuna hit and run in the near future; Officer May gives update on investigation

I just spoke with CHP Officer Cy May about the Fortuna hit and run investigation.

"Things are moving along," said Officer May. "We hope to release information in the near future. We are putting everything we can into this investigation. We are diligently working on this investigation and we have not stopped working on it."

In the previous post below, I mentioned two men, and questioned what their connection was, if any, to the alleged hit and run in Fortuna that resulted in the deaths of Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas.

We know who Josh is by now; Josh Pearlston. I received a tip about "Kyle."

So who is "Kyle". I also received another tip that there was a passenger in the car with Marci Kitchen and that CHP is looking for that person. Officer May  said he had no comments on these two tips.


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    2. Not based on the information I have. If you have different information that can be verified, email me.

  2. Is it possible that 'Kyle' is the friend of Kiya's brother who was spending the night? The man who called 911 said he only saw a woman in the Jeep. Has anyone ever identified that man? Probably he has been told by LE not to talk to anyone. Thank you for keeping a spotlight on this crime, John. Those girls deserve JUSTICE.

  3. No, he is not. The friend who was there has been identified in court documents. Also, a witness at the scene called 911. There is a lot of previous information and coverage on this case that you can access through a Google search. It might answer some of your questions.