Sep 10, 2016

A small minority of dissenters should not speak for the LGBTQ community; from what I was told "they" did not want the transgendered community included

Humboldt Pride 2016 was diverse, in age, race, gender, and however people identify including straight allies.

From what I was told by a few people, including two members of the community, who I have known for several years, is that the issue these dissenters had was that the transgendered community was included.

Another reader said that the houses of "suspected dissenters" were shot at; the dissenters allegedly wanted more "trans inclusion."

Trans pride and members of the transgendered community were well represented yesterday, so not sure what the dissenters have an issue with?

No one knows for sure but many people feel this was a disagreement between the "gay" and the "trans" community.

Whoever allegedly defaced those posters and whoever allegedly vandalized/shot "busted" the windows of anyone, needs to step forward, own their mistake and face the consequences. Will they do it? I doubt it.

There is so much speculation on social media and reports, who knows what the facts are. Whether it was 1 or 2 or 32 dissenters,  you do not represent the "community", however you identify.

Nor should your hateful actions mar the beautiful, diverse celebration today and the hard work of the organizers and volunteers.

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