Sep 2, 2016

A person has to wait five years after their 215 card expires to even enroll in a CCW class; this and other concerns expressed by 215 card holders wanting a firearm

This is a comment on my earlier post where Undersheriff William Honsal and District Attorney Maggie Fleming responded to the recent court ruling the regarding gun ownership ban for people who have a medical marijuana card.

The more important question to ask is whether or not having a 215 card excludes the holder from purchasing firearms, since the background check goes to the Feds.

I spoke local insurance and business owner John Ford, who also provides insurance to the medical cannabis industry.

He said that since he markets to the medical cannabis industry, when he is at marketing events, he is required to have a 215 card, because 215 businesses are often located in an area, where this is a requirement. "One does not have to smoke marijuana to have 215 card," he said, also pointing out that some people take cannabis through edibles. Does this mean he cannot have a firearm?

Another reader sent me this message:  "Feds are punishing people that are complying with state law. Assuming all 215 holders are attics and don't know right from wrong, while not carrying the same assumption towards people that take other legal medication or drink alcohol is discriminatory towards the 215 holder."

I contacted Aaron of Pacific Outfitters and asked him about anonymous' question and Mr. Ford's question.

He responded, "When purchasing a gun. Federal form 4473. Question 11.e. Answering dishonestly is a crime punishable as a felony." Mr. Ostrom said that if a person is honest about using marijuana, then they would be denied owning a gun.

Mr. Ostrom also said that since his business offers classes for carrying a concealed weapon, both clients and the business discovered that "a person has to wait five years after their 215 card expires to enroll in the class."

"It is embarrassing to ask this question to people signing up for the class but we are required to do so," said Mr. Ostrom. 

(Aaron Ostrom and Senator Mike McGuire)

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  1. Question, so do the doctors who prescribe 215 cards report to whom? Who know if you have a 215 or not.