Aug 9, 2017

Zacevich to be arraigned on past DUI and recent charges of vandalism, battery on an officer, resisting a peace officer and driving on a suspended license

Katherine Zacevich is scheduled to be arraigned today at 1:30 p.m. for both her July arrest and recent arrest this weekend.

Charges for the July arrest are Count 1 DUI with a special allegation of refusing to take a chemical test. Arraignment was yesterday, see post below for why she didn't show and is on for warrant surrender.

Deputy DA Brent Kling was present for arraignment today.

In the August case, Zacevich is charged with a felony in Count 1, Vandalism.  propertyThe complaint states Zacevich "unlawfully and maliciously defaced with graffitti" property belonging to PG and E, with damage over $400.

Count 2, a misdemeanor, is Battery on an officer or emergency personnel;  HCSO Sgt. Greg Allen.

Count 3, a misdemeanor is Resist or Obstruct or Delay of Peace Officer or Emergency Medical Technician; HCSO Sgt. Greg Allen.

Count 4, a misdemeanor, Driving when privilege suspended or revoked for prior DUI.

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