Aug 10, 2017

Yesterday, arraigned for battery; today arraignment scheduled for attempted murder; think Elisha Wilson will be released from custody?

Elisha Wilson, was arraigned yesterday for a misdemeanor battery charge; alleged victim Diana Jean Newett. She has an OR/Bail hearing on this case this afternoon.

She is scheduled to be arraigned today late afternoon for her most recent arrest in the Orick RV park incident. Courtroom details not available at this time.

In her second case, She is charged with Count 1 attempted murder; Count 2 assault with a firearm. Both counts have special allegations of using a firearm in the commission of a crime.

Update: She was arraigned on 8/10 on the attempted murder charge. Alleged victim Valerie Ann Hasier.

 OR/Bail was denied.

The jury trial for her misdemeanor case, in which she is charged with battery, scheduled for 8/28 was vacated. Trial confirmation for 8/17 was vacated as well.

Instead, there is a intervention scheduled for 8/17 at 9:45 and a pre-trial on 8/22 at 9:15 for the misdemeanor case.

Intervention on 8/17 at 9:45 for the case in which she is charged with attempted murder. The preliminary for that case is scheduled for 8/22.

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