Aug 10, 2017

Preliminary for Maxx Robison's 2017 case continued to August 15

Maxx Robison's preliminary for his 2017 case was scheduled for this morning. It has been continued to August 15, the same day, the 995 motion is scheduled in his 2016 case.

People asked for a motion to continue since the correctional deputy informed Deputy District Attorney this morning that he needed time to do additional investigation.
The deputy is unavailable next week on Monday and Tuesday.

The defense would not waive time beyond the 10 th day. The 9th day is August 15. Tjat is the same day the 995 motion is scheduled for Robison's 2016 case.

Judge Crone said that since there was no agreement between the People and defense, they needed to provide written declarations before a ruling.

At intervention on August 8 Robison's attorney, Deputy Public Defender indicated that there is a possibility Robison would enter a time waiver or waive this preliminary hearing. That option was not offered today.

Robison is charged with three felony counts in the 2017 case. Count 1 possession of marijuana (where prisoners are kept). Count 2 Possesion of Suboxone ((where prisoners are kept). Count 3 Possession of paraphernalia in jail.

Robison's girlfriend, grandmother and other family members were present today and have attended other court hearings. 

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