Aug 10, 2017

Chad Smith's jury trial for alleged sexual molestation set for October 2

Chad Smith's arraignment was scheduled for this morning at 8:30 a.m. in Courtroom 3.

Arraignment on information has 16 counts. Four of them are disobeying court domestic violence order. The rest are all sexual offenses with two or three special allegations for some counts. Only one Count, number 12 is alleged victim Jane Doe #2. Counts 1 through 11 are all alleged victim Jane Doe #1 with some counts specifically referring to where the act took place.

Not guilty pleas. Time not waived. Trial confirmation September 20 at 8:30. Jury trial on October 2 at 9:15.

The alleged victims in the sexual abuse case are his own step-daughter (Jane Doe #1) and a friend of his step-daughter's (Jane Doe #2); both minors at the time of the alleged sexual acts.

Chad Smith was held to answer on all charges, after his preliminary hearing.

The case is being prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads. Deputy DA Carolyn Schaffer appeared in court today for Ms. Eads.

Smith is being represented by Deputy Public Defender Jennifer Dixon.


  1. I predict that he won't live long enough to make it to trial. If he does, I hope that I get on the jury so I can help put his despicable ass away forever.
    Is there anyone else out there that would love to have the opportunity to kick him square in the nuts?

  2. So, I don't understand how he is being represented by a public defender. Mr. Daddy Dearest, pediphile, douche bag, Money Bags had just sold a restaurant, sold his Corvette, his Harley perhaps. Where did all that money go. What about his house? When he is convicted, does Humboldt County get to seize his assets for repayment, or can it be frozen for a possible civil suit as a payout to his brave victims? Oh, there is the other "business" Humboldt Long Board?

    I'm also interested to know if the rumors posted on other "so called media sites", saying he has been attacked and had 3 hospital visits since his stay began at the Humboldt Co. Jail are verifiable.

    1. Regarding the "rumors", which I assume are anonymous, I will not be checking unverified claims, especially on those "so called media sites". Even if I wanted to, that is his personal medical information and confidential.

      I was also surprised he got appointed a public defender. At the conclusion of his case, if he is convicted or if he pleads guilty, let's see if the County makes him fill out financial information to determine if he can reimburse for legal expenses and any victim restitution.

  3. john is he still in jail?

  4. I figured that it was just the uncontrolled trolls trying to get stuff going. HIPPA would have his medical records locked up but I'm not sure if the jail releases assault incidents. I'm sure they have him pretty locked up there given his notoriety locally. No one would probably add time to their current sentence locally, but in the big boy play pen many have nothing to lose. I hope they don't plea him out. He's not someone that needs to be on the streets, here or anywhere.