Aug 9, 2017

How much do new HSU students know about David Josiah Lawson and Elijah Stonebear Williams?

HSU will start welcoming new students next week for the Fall semester starting August 21.

David Josiah Lawson died in April and the case remains unsolved. Elijah Stonebear Williams, a suspect wanted for attempted murder at the 12th and C house, remains on the loose, since July.




  1. I thought they caught Williams ? And do you think he is contacted with the Lawson case ?

  2. I don't think Elijah Williams should be of any concern. He's just involved in gang stuff that led to that incident. I don't see him hanging around students. Also, the system is going to hold him accountable.

    The Lawson case should be of tremendous concern. A large group of individuals jumped a white kid as some sort of vigilante justice for what they perceived as racism. All of those individuals are still students or were allowed to graduate and their group is still sanctioned and funded by the school. Paris Wright and the Castillos could be charged with aggravated battery and murder today and they would certainly be convicted. They already confessed. The problem is that HSU encourages this idea of social justice by any means necessary and now it went a bit too far and nobody wants to accept responsibility or be called a racist. Things will undoubtedly get worse this year and the new students are going to get fed a line of BS as soon as they get here. How about pushing the HSU administrators harder on why they haven't done anything?

  3. I wonder how many of those students that were at the party where Lawson was killed, will return this coming semester.

    Will there be more of the 'march for justice' rants, where the social activists try to coerce the locals into showing support for their cause, such as what happened at the Union Town Shopping Center?

    The students need to realize that many of the long time locals will not stand for another one of their Social Justice protests where they attempt to hold citizens hostage. They got away with that the 1st time since the citizens were not ready for their actions. There have been many discussions among the locals as to what to do if the HSU students try that tactic again. They may not get the reaction that they want, if that happens and the Arcata Police Department does not respond in a timely manner right across 7th Street from the Police Department.

    Or I wonder how long it will be before there is another huge student party where underage alcohol consumption occurs, and the Arcata PD has to be called.

    The HSU administration needs to take some actions against the rowdy antics of some of their students. Unlike when I was a student there many years ago, and they allowed 'Lumberjack Days' on campus without any major problems.