Aug 9, 2017

Motion to reduce Leigl's bail or release him postponed until next Thursday

After hearing arguments from both People and defense, Visiting Judge Robert Crone referred Leigl's case to probation for calculation of credits and continued the hearing on the motion until next Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

Judge Crone also wanted to hear more from when Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal, the prosecuting attorney in this case. Today, Deputy DA Brent Kling appeared on behalf of the People.

Mr. Michael Acosta, who represents Leigl, told Judge Crone that according to the plea agreement, if Leigl was on good behavior and followed certain conditions, that the felony he plead to would be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Mr. Acosta said that the federal hold is due to "unrelated matters" and that Leigl is unable to bail out because of the federal hold. "The federal authorities say that the state prosecution is not complete." Mr. Acosta said that the maximum sentence for the plea charge is three years and Leigl has already been in custody for a year and a half; with credit for good time, he would have served the three years.

DDA Kling said that the People oppose release on OR. "It appears that according to the Deputy DA carrying this case, part of the plea agreement was to have bail reduced to
$100,000 from a no bail hold."

"Part of the conditions was that defendant remove all gang related audio and visual fron his social media,", said DDA Kling. "He does not need to be out to do that."

No other media in court. There is a gag order on this case.

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