Aug 9, 2017

Bail set at $25,000 for Katherine Zacevich, July case to "trail" August case

Shaking her head when charges were read and smiling at some people in the courtroom Zacevich didn't seem to be too concerned that she was handcuffed and in court for two cases.
Conflict Counsel was appointed. Not guilty pleas in both cases; time not waived for August case. Time waived in July case.

OR/Bail hearing August 10 at 2 p.m. Intervention August 17 at 9:45. Preliminary August 21 at 9:15. The July case has disposition/reset listed in court records for both dates but in court, defense said it will "trail" the August case.

No other media was in court for her arraignment on 8/9.

Earlier post (with charges):

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  1. I sure hope that the Humboldt County Superior Court System/ Judge does not release her on 'OR' once again! Look how well that worked out with her 1st DUI just over 6 weeks ago.

    At the very least yank her drivers license privileges until she goes to trial for both DUI cases!