Aug 10, 2017

"Why can't the city of Eureka move their Corp yard operations to the old flea market site? "

Quite a few people have been expressing strong feelings about the City of Eureka moving its corporation yard.

A reader asked me today," Why can't the city of Eureka move their Corp yard operations to the old flea market site?  Hasn't been used in years other than BMD being next door. This way they won't have to tear down a ball field that is used by so many.  It's a park setting other than the national guard armory being there with. Because they get funding if they are moving it from a tsunami zone."

Press Release (July 2017):

Eureka is currently exploring the concept of relocating its corporation yard, currently located at 14th and Short next to Costco, to be co-located with the current water reservoir and treatment works located across from the Eureka Zoo between Wand Dolbeer Streets. Preliminary work to date has included rough conceptual lay outs for the site, release of an RFQ for design, and conversations with Costco staff regarding sale of the existing site.
The City is exploring the possibility of relocating to the W street site for the following reasons:
  1. The current location of the Corp Yard within the tsunami zone poses serious challenges for emergency response and post disaster A Cascadia-type event would result in the loss of all heavy machinery, most vehicles and equipment to inundation. This was identified as a significant vulnerability during a week long simulation style FEMA training attended by City staff in 2016.
  2. The needs to invest in improvements to existing facilities and replace facilities at the existing site including buildings due to The existing site is within the Coastal Zone making any alterations or additions more costly and time consuming.
  3. Proceeds from the sale of the existing site and increased tax revenue associated with increased commercial development could help offset the costs of relocation to a significant degree.
  4. Available parcels of the sufficient size and configuration are extremely limited outside of the tsunami zone which encompasses most of the commercial and industrial properties in the City.
The City takes the neighborhood concerns regarding traffic, noise, lighting and the loss of park facilities seriously and will engage the neighbors and stakeholders directly if this project progresses beyond the exploratory stage. This project has not been on a City Council Agenda, because it is only conceptual.
City staff is continuing to review other potential locations for the corp yard.
Contrary to posts on social media, recent tree removal activities at the reservoir were not part
associated with the relocation and were initiated by PG&E due to utility conflicts. The removal of these nonnative trees will be mitigated by new plantings more appropriate to the location in the near future.

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  1. The old flea market site was privately owned and that owner closed it down because he made more to rent as a storage facility.