Aug 13, 2017

"The people in this community deserve leaders who stand up for them not schmooze at fundraisers in your little clique that most of Humboldt cannot afford"

"I appreciate your commentary on the state of our nation and your work in the courts. You are the voice of the silent ones who have been beaten down. I very rarely  click or comment on them though, because I don't appreciate the shitstorm it would put back on me. Keep on keeping on and thanks for all you are doing."

I received this comment morning  from someone who reads my blog and my facebook page. It was one of many, and this one after some of my comments on Senator Mike McGuire's page.

This person echoed the sentiments that many express to me privately.

Interesting discussion on Sen. McGuire's page. Unlike Humboldt, at least in his District, one can express opinions. In Humboldt, the radical leftie majority and bullies just try to silence any different opinion, including centrist Democrats.

With the exception of few conservatives, business leaders and a couple of elected officials in Humboldt, the rest of you so " called conservative" and "moderate"  leaders and businesses do nothing, don't speak up, and allow those of us who do, to get bullied and harassed. Easier to just make money than make a difference for some of you. And that includes useless KINS that does nothing for the conservative cause, except play it safe. Easier to advertise on a radio station that strokes your egos and doesn't ask tough questions.

There are few generous well to do people in Humboldt always donating, always creating jobs, helping others. Why should they have to carry the burden?

This community is great, has such great potential, those that invest in it and invest in others are doing their part.

It is the average person, whether they lean politically and economically to left or the right or like most people, in the center, that make this community wonderful to live in by helping others, including financially. They deserve better . The people in this community deserve leaders who stand up for them not schmooze at fundraisers in your little clique that most of Humboldt cannot afford.

Local elections are coming up, dont count on votes or volunteers you previously had, if you don't start delivering on your promises. Why should the rest of the community struggle to make someone else rich without getting ahead?

Unlike the leftie sycophant NCJ and LOCO and the useless KINS (management) and KIEM general manager (not reporters), I don't support elected officials and businesses that do nothing for this community. I do and have changed my mind about who will get my personal support, as a voter, in this upcoming election.

I call people out regardless of who they are.
Unlike the above mentioned "so called media", I have a readership that comprises of people on the right, the left, and from all walks of life. Troll commenters do not vote.

If local businesses want to prosper economically and local politicians get re-elected, start working for the people in this community, not your funders and your friends. With the reach of the internet and social media, the nation is watching Humboldt, not just local readers.


  1. You're worse than useless. Go far away.

    1. Struck a nerve did I? Don't bother commenting again unless you have the guts to use your real name, a real verified email address because your snippy personal insults are boring and only show I am speaking the truth. If you chose to comnent in a sane manner without being trashy, stay on the topic, I will print future comments, even if they are anonymous.