Aug 13, 2017

Why are Bear River Casino & Blue Lake Casino supporting a site that consistently allows racist Native American comments

Listed below are the comments in the above post. Toiletdome regularly features, racist comments, but only comments on the Lawson case had threads shut down. The post on two inmates gets racist comments on Hoopa and Willow Creek?

Toiletdome, on a consistent basis features disgusting derogatory comments about women, sexual innuendoes about women, rape fantasies in their comments.  Some of us publish certain comments occasionally as part of showing what's out there in Humboldt in context but not those advocating rape and sexual innuendoes.

 Lost Coast Toiletpost, needs them regularly for clickbait for their troll readership and are the main reson for the trashy online comment culture in Humboldt.

And why is the holier than thou left silent?
I dont see KHSU panels and protests out on the street. Guess Native American bashing is okay? Is this what Patrick Cleary and Lost Coast Communications are proud to support?

Why are the advertisers of LOCO supporting racism and sexism on a regular basis?

Tolietpost comments rarely have anything to do with the topic.


  1. I like your site here John but why single out those to LoCO advertisers? Why not list them all? Got an agenda?

    1. Pher, the comments in the post linked are racist Native American comments so yes, those advertisers are pertinent. I have mentioned the other advertisers in this post as well as others. If you actually read the post or my blog regularly, you would know that. So what is your agenda? Besides trying to project I have one. My only goal is to expose the hypocrites that allow the substandard status in this community to continue and support "media" that protects them by not really investigating news that matter. Did you see anything about Bear River Board members on LOCO? Do you condone them having a court reporter that is married to a practicing attorney in Humboldt? Do you condone them trying to suck up ad revenue that could go to other media sources? And no, I am not talking about just my blog. They are days behind in any real news, which is rare. All this has been addressed ad nauseaum. Don't try to stir up shit, again, by pretending you like my site when its an excuse to bring up something I have addressed numerous times. I owe you no explaination,not only are you anonymous, you don't pay my bills. I do.

    2. Nor do I need to trade some ads in kind like NCJ and LOCO. At least two Old Town businesses do, and because they are decent and that conversation is confidential, you or anyone else is not privy to who. LOCO is a part of Lost Coast Communications but you fake support local, buy local, don't complain about their ad monopoly. Unlike NCJ and LOCO, I and certain other media don't need the weed industry to exist nor am I subsidized by a boss (NCJ) who has access to Fieldbrook Winery connections nor are we supported by the good e boys and gals of Humboldt.

    3. So a few people talked to me privately about calling out LOCO. Privately, these people tell me that they agree with me regarding LOCO and wish they would go out of business but it is a small town and they don't want backlash for letting their views known. As for the two anons asking me why bother, have you read what I have been writing? Did you email LOCO when they resorted to name calling Sinclair and KAEF and used their "anon" regulars to bash me for years, block people who shares positive stuff about me or my blog in their comment section. Unlike them, I have the guts to use my name and dont hide to take pot shots. When they start respecting me and others who work harder than them and stop trying to monoplolize the media market and interfering with any competition, then maybe I wont have to call them out or the people who back them.

      Trust me, I dont want to be the one always,speaking up but it isnt like our businesses or leaders that allow bs to go on this town do.

  2. Unfortunately John, Progressivism makes it Financial Suicide to identify one's self when you have to work with these wackos. You keep doing what you're doing, you have many supporter's that don't commit. Great Blog, Great news. Keep it coming.