Aug 7, 2017

Two different suspects; two armed robberies, in Eureka and Mckinleyville, early am

At approximately 1:30 am., a gas station on Wabash and Broadway was allegedly robbed by a male suspect with a gun. According to the scanner, the suspect left, he was on a bicycle, wearing a green bandana and last seen heading south on Fairfield.

A second alleged robbery occurred  in Mckinleyville at the 76 gas station, around 1:45.  The suspect description was different and this suspect was armed with a baseball bat.

HCSO Press Release:

On this date at 1:43 a.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office received information from a local alarm company of an alarm activation at the 76 gas station in the 2600 block of Central Avenue, McKinleyville.  The gas station clerk then contacted on 911 and reported they had just been robbed of an undisclosed amount of currency.

Deputies arrived on scene within a minute of the call and learned there was one suspect who had fled on foot southbound on Central Avenue.  Deputies searched the surrounding areas but the suspect was not located.

The suspect is described as a white male adult, 5'8-5'10 and was wearing a black hoodie, grey face mask and armed with a baseball bat. 


  1. John - I have not seen any other coverage for these reported alleged robberies, and the HCSO page for daily 'Calls For Service' has not been updated to show these events.

    I usually have my scanner radios on all the time, but I was asleep at the time these events occurred in Eureka and McKinleyville.

    Thanks for keeping the locals updated on what is happening in Humboldt County that does not appear in the other local news outlets.

    1. Hi Big D. Thanks as always for your support. There were some posts last night no one covered but some information on the Eureka robbery was covered by KIEM on their facebook page and some information on the Eureka and Mckinleyville robberies on the facebook page but also posted in the early hours. I decided to post on both a bit later in the morning because, like you, I was asleep, and middle of the night posts don't get read by many.